About our album

This is my collaboration with Zanshin 残真 aka PrimaLoop. For this album, we improvised with our main instruments: drums and piano. This led our music to sound more acoustic and pure. This is why we named it “SOURCE”. We had a lot of pleasure creating it and hope you will enjoy it too.

HIGHFLUX consists of Alain, based in Switzerland and Hideo, based in Australia. It’s the connection between two artists from one end of the world to the other. Two universes that come together to create something new.

In 2021, we created our first collaborative album, based on the drumming of Hideo. On January 2023, we met in Australia for two weeks and did lot of jam sessions, one open mic and shared a lot of experiences about music, life and art.

Listen & Support

Date of release: August 3, 2023

Any support is a precious help us for us. Thank you!