Accentuate the dream. To dream above, like the wings of the circumflex. To dream far away, like the breath transmuting the air into music.






the inspiration





This album is centered on air, breath, trees, nature, woods. In fact, it’s a kind of musical forest, an ode to the world of birds. I started this series of pieces by thinking about breath, because it precedes every action in our lives, from the first to the last: it is at the root of our communication. So I started by blowing into different objects such as vases or cardboard rolls to record a sound library. Yes, you will hear a lot of blown sounds in this album. The same goes for the instruments used: mainly the clarinet and the recorder (which I tried to domesticate for the occasion). The album mixes electronic and acoustic and each track has its own little story and concept to discover below.

01: Fluffy Flute
This little piece is a synth improvisation using a digital flute preset. The breath sculpts around it an aerial frame. I blew in various objects to create textures. It is an introduction to the universe of Fû.
02 Swaying Pines
In the background, the most important thing: the discreet but crackling sound of pine trunks swaying in the wind. Around them, wind instruments such as the recorder and the clarinet announce the thinning of the digital. Trees that come to life, sound textures that invite others and arrangements that wait patiently until they take flight.
04 Keep it up
It is a piece of joy. In the background tinkling bells of a flock of sheep recorded in the swiss alps during the transhumance. Joy of the sheep, therefore. Pagan festival, personal festival. And jumping sheep!
05 Me and the Void
Firstly I streched some clarinet notes. They form a haunting structure into which a main melody rushes, until the observation of a black hole in the middle of the piece. The feeling of emptiness, the blackness which lies dormant in us, are flown over, contemplated. But instead of sinking into it, one moves away from it. The depression is only temporary.
06 Wingmaker
A clarinet composition with mouth percussion. A bird builds its wings.
07 Bird Language
In the first half of this piece, the melody is based on the song of a bird. Its vocalizations have been slowed down. I transcribed them in a chromatic scale using my keyboard with a flute preset. Around that, other elements were joyfully added. Feathered dance.
08 Call of the Dark Forest
Follow the dead leaves pushed by the wind, to the heart of the mysterious forest... The background sound comes from a video shot in slow motion in an alpine forest. The slow motion caused a drop in frequency, making the bird songs somewhat disturbing.
09 Cocon de l'Obscur
This is the dark heart of the forest, where we get lost forever. Haunted by the poetry and the voice of Wivresse, which beautifully reinforced the dark atmosphere of the piece. With the participation of Sidh, her dog turned wolf.
10 Aerial Turmoil
An aerial tumult composed from my personal sound library of blown sounds, some keyboard lines and my playful clarinet.
11 Unknown Era
The air is very present in this mostly electronic piece. The little flute strokes that can be heard in the middle of the piece come from one of my oldest field recordings. They have been sleeping in my library for so long.
12 Canopy Symphony
A clarinet composition around which many percussions have been invited, as well as touches of recorder. It is an enchanting and very melodic piece.
13 Coucou
This piece is a kind of joke. Very Swiss. Hope you like cuckoo clocks!
14 Happy Happy
The piece was made between December 31, 2022 and January 1, 2023. A few days later, I was flying to Australia. So I was really Happy Happy. The bird song track was recorded there and added when I came back.
15 Cycles
This is a concept piece. Each track that composes it loops at its own rhythm, a bit like cogs of different sizes.
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1. Fluffy Flute
2. Swaying Pines
3. Moonlight Reminiscence
4. Keep it Up
5. Me and the Void
6. Wingmaker
7. Bird Language
8. Call of the Dark Forest
9. Cocon de l’Obscur
10. Aerian Turmoil
11. Unknown Era
12. Canopy Symphony
13. Coucou
14. Happy Happy

* Cycles